MyData 2018 - Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals for the MyData 2018 community-curated tracks is open

WHY an open call for proposals? The MyData movement is becoming more and more community-driven and a “network of networks” of local MyData hubs. This is why also the MyData conference programme development follows a community-curated model, where the conference content is really up to you!

WHY a MyData conference for the third year in a row? The event has become an intensive gathering for the global community of human-centric personal data proponents and a highlight of the year for the community. There’s a lot going on globally and much new to hear and see!

WHAT content can I propose for the programme? You can propose content to one of the eight topic tracks in the conference. Please read the track description before submitting;it is written to give guidance on what kind of proposals are expected for a specific track. This helps you form your proposal. You must pick one track for your proposal. If you are unsure which topic track is best for your proposal, ask us for guidance. It is also possible to propose complete sessions (discussion, meetup or workshop), in which case we expect you to provide a plan for whom else you will invite to the session. Please keep in mind that all presenters will be eligible for the lowest price for participation at any given time.

WHAT are the topics of the conference? The topic tracks for the 2018 conference grow out of previous conferences (2016, 2017), the MyData Declaration goals, and the MyData Global network action areas. Track teams have been forming since immediately after the end of MyData 2017 and they have worked on the track selection and definitions. We’re now happy to announce this Call for Proposals to populate those seven tracks.

WHICH formats can I propose? You can select one of the following proposal formats in the CfP form:

Talk (10-30 min. / 1-2 people). Well-prepared presentation on a topic. Possible as a presentation, but also as an interview or a fireside chat. We encourage as much interaction with the audience as possible.
Discussion session (1h 15 minutes / 3 people + moderator). Balanced discussion on a specific topic. We recommend fishbowl conversations, but for justified reasons also panel debates can be proposed. Please keep in mind that we strive for gender balance.
Workshop session (1h 15 minutes or 2 h 30 minutes / 2-3 co-hosts). Well-prepared and goal-oriented hands-on workshop in which knowledge on a specific topic is communicated or specific skills are mediated.
Meetup session (1h 15 minutes / 1-2 co-hosts). Networking meeting of like-minded participants on a topic.
Lightning speech (180 seconds / 1 person). A three-minute pitch about a topic, idea, project, or product. The aim is to raise people’s interest and let others find you for further discussions.
Show & Tell Demo (not specific to any track). There will be a low barrier demo session where businesses, other organisations and projects are invited to bring something to show and be prepared to tell about it.
Posters on particular standards. The interoperability track will include an interactive poster session to cover relevant, open standard and specification projects that work towards accomplishing the goals of the MyData Declaration.
Other Activity (varies). We do not want to limit your imagination! You can propose other kinds of content to the sessions or activities with visitors outside of sessions: be it flash mob, field test, installation, exhibition, concert, pop-up happening or something else.

WHAT happens after I’ve submitted my proposal? We use Trello as the tool for managing proposals we receive. When you fill in the submission form your proposal is sent to the programme team and becomes visible to others who have submitted ideas. You can ask for Trello viewing rights (contact) to view all proposals and reply to questions and ideas from others. The proposals will be curated and accepted by the programme team after April 5th, and feedback is given to all by the end of April.

HOW will sessions be generated from accepted proposals? The conference sessions will generally combine 2 to 3 accepted proposals. The session host and the accepted presenters together finalise the complete session based on the proposals selected for inclusion. This is why we ask for a certain amount of flexibility with exact timing and willingness to adjust in order to fit nicely with others.

WHAT if my proposal is not accepted? Please plan to come in any case, because this year we’re going to use Open Space Technology for a whole afternoon of the conference. Through a short facilitation before lunch, all participants will be able to put forward their topics for discussions they want to have.  All topics put forward for the Open Space will have a time and a space. 

WHAT if I have general ideas or suggestions for the programme? If you have suggestions or ideas that are not your own content proposals then we are more than happy to receive those via this general purpose feedback form.
IS there anything else I need to know or can I submit my proposal now? We suggest you read through all FAQs that also include rules for participation and advice on how to have your proposal stand out from the crowd.

DO I need to pay for a conference pass if my proposal is accepted? Yes, the presenters’ price is 180 EUR for 3-days, and 108 for 1-day (discount is valid until August 11). You can also share this discount PRIVATELY with your friends and colleagues. MyData 2018 is a community-driven event, in the same spirit as academic conferences, where peers and colleagues share the same passion and choose to come together to discuss and debate.

Read the register description here.


Call for Proposals

  • In which of the topic tracks would your proposal fit the best? Find the full track descriptions here
  • We encourage interactive sessions, and will provide for communication with public for all sessions.
  • If your proposal gets accepted into the conference programme, you will get a presenters’ discount link which gives you and your friends the cheapest possible entrance to the conference. The discount link can be only privately shared with friends and colleagues.
  • It is important that everybody’s voice is heard. We thereby kindly ask you to keep that in mind, and make the conference a place for diverse discussion, and work proactively to create an inclusive and diverse programme and working atmosphere that celebrates diversity.