Case Studies and the Industry Landscape

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Individual Awareness

Handpicked Live Use Cases: MyData in Action

Energy Data Sharing

Major Use Cases From Finland

Use Cases Track: Synthesis & Discussion

Case Studies and the Industry Landscape

Value creation from MyData approach: from concepts to new live implementations

The MyData concept is quite clear: what if people were in control of their data? It raises legal, tech and social issues. But in this track we will focus on one thing, and one thing only: use cases that truly show the power of MyData. So what is a “MyData use case” you ask? Well, a use case should involve different players: data holder, data services and of course, people. This track will focus on use cases related to those actors, demonstrating the richness of the MyData model as a paradigm shift for people in control of their data but also as a new source of innovation and business opportunities for all players.  

⇒ “Individual Awareness”: major study & use cases will help us understand the potential of the MyData Model with a focus on social implementations, from awareness to protection.

Handpicked Live Use Cases”: 4 use cases were selected, and there is going to be plenty of time to go through the learnings, the business opportunities for all parties/their viability, the pain points they have to overcome, etc…

⇒ “Energy Data Sharing”: the panel will show a overview from several countries around the world, of real and tangible benefits from a customer-centric use of energy personal data.

⇒ “Major Use Cases From Finland”: Finland is hosting the MyData conference since 2016, learn why! Major players in Finland are actually doing concrete actions, discover how with 3 use cases from national entities, to implement the MyData Model in Finland.

⇒ “Use Case Track: synthesis and discussions”: We will use this time to discuss the learnings of the use case track. We will synthesize 3 days of sessions and we will aim to have an honest deep discussion on what are the obstacles of the MyData use cases and how to move away from those to make the MyData World we hope for, real.

Keywords: Use cases, business models, business growth, business opportunities, transformation, value creation, benefit for consumer, benefit for citizens, personal data trade, personalised services, personal data exchange, data control.

Individual Awareness 

Wednesday: Henrik

10:45 - 12:00


Michael Becker, Robert Guinness,
Hubert Le Liepvre


Major study & use cases will help us understand the potential of the MyData Model, from awareness to protection.

What do people really understand about their data?

Michael Becker, speaking for Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF)

MEF’s 5th annual trust study looks at consumers awareness levels of what’s happening with their data. We will exclusively preview the findings of a 10-country study that explores consumer behaviours and understanding of the principles of MyData, impact of GDPR and different use cases.

The end-to-end encrypted social network

Robert Guinness, Pondenome

Pondenome was founded in March 2018, but the idea has been a long time in the making. Our goal is to launch an end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) social network by the end of 2018. Pondenome is aligned with MyData values and goals. We believe communication should be controlled by the people communicating, not the company sending around the messages.

Interactions and questions from the participants

Session is moderated by: Hubert Le Liepvre

Start        :                        10:45

Opening:                        10:48 (3 minutes, Hubert)                 

Intro of presenter 1:                10:51  (2 minutes, Hubert)

Presenter 1:                        10:53 (25 minutes, Michael)

Q&A for presenter 1:                11:18 (5 minutes, Michael)

Intro of presenter 2:                11:23 (2 minutes, Hubert)

Presenter 2:                        11:25 (25 minutes, Rob)

Q&A for presenter 2:        11:50 (5 minutes, Rob)

Closing:                        11:55 (5 minutes, Hubert)

End:                                12:00

Handpicked Live Use Cases: MyData in Action

Wednesday: Henrik

13:15 - 16:15


Kai Kuikkaniemi, StJohn Deakins, Rory Donnelly, Sarah Medjek, Chloé Beaumont, Heli Törrönen


This session will showcase 4 use cases that demonstrate the MyData model and all of it’s parties: data holders, data services and individuals. This is not a pitching session! Selected use cases will share learnings, challenges and opportunities, success stories and failures, and you, as participants, will be able to question and explore these cases with the presenters.

b>S-group’s My Purchases service</b>

Kai Kuikkaniemi, S-group

S-group is a big co-operative retail company in Finland. S-group has a customer-owner loyalty program. Through this program customers register their purchases for cash-back rewards, personalized services and personalized customer communications. My Purchases (Finnish “Omat ostot”) is a My Data visualization service is a service for the customers to analyze, learn and explore their shopping behavior.  Service combines purchase data with the product information for different visualizations.

<b>How Citizen Data Platforms are giving businesses a competitive edge</b>

StJohn Deakins, CitizenMe

CitizenMe is a Citizen Data Platform - working to give digital Citizens rights over the value of their data. Citizens gain control and value. Organisations get access to deep, rich, accurate and ethical insights, to use GDPR as a springboard to drive innovation and organisational change. We’ll use live client projects (including UK banks, global agencies & FMCG brands) that are using CitizenMe’s decentralised data platform to highlight how MyData principles can lead to sharper insights, and faster innovation.

<b>How MyData is leading to an explosion in innovation?</b>

Rory Donnelly,

During this session, Rory would like to present a number of apps/use cases which are either live in the app stores or in beta version which should hopefully demonstrate the power of data being centered around the individual. The use cases will be a mixture of apps ranging from the health, financial and social verticals.

<b>An insurance provider share with its 3M clients the data they have on them and provide its clients a personal cloud - Cozy - to actually use it!</b>

Chloé Beaumont, MAIF and Sarah Medjek, Fing

Self Data/MyData will only make sense if the individuals really seize their own information and use them (to make better decisions, acquire more self-knowledge, contribute to society…etc), in order to make Self Data happen, services and usage are crucial! But what makes individuals utilizing and adopting Self Data services? Based on the results of 2017-2018 MesInfos experiment we will propose a series of variables influencing the adoption of Self Data services.

Session is moderated by: Heli Törrönen

Start and opening        :        13:15 (7 minutes, moderator)

Intro of presenter 1:                13:22 (3 minutes, moderator)

Case 1: Kai Kuikkaniemi                 13:25 (20 min)

Q&A for Kai :                13:45 (5 minutes)

Intro of presenter 2:                13:50 (3 minutes, moderator)

Case 2: Rory Donnely        13:53 (20 minutes)

Q&A for Rory:                14:13 (5 minutes)

Pause:                                14:30 - 15:00 (according to program)

Welcome and

 Intro of presenter 3:        15:00 (5 minutes, moderator)

Case 3: StJohn Deakins        15:05 (20 min)

Q&A for StJohn:                15:25 (5 minutes)

Intro of presenter 4:        15:30 (3 minutes, moderator)

Case 4: Chloé Beaumond

and Sarah Medjek:                15:33 (35 minutes)

Q&A for Chloé and Sarah :        16:08 ( 5 minutes)

Closing words:                16:13  (2 minutes, moderator)

End:                                16:15

Energy Data Sharing

Thursday: Elissa

10:00 - 11:15


André Alnor, Lukas Keller, Bart Janssen, Coutant Fabien, Xavier Furst


With hundreds of millions smart meters installed worldwide, the energy sector carries on its digital transformation. They enable citizens to know their personal consumption, get a better understanding and be offered new services. The potential is great, but only if the citizen is in the center of their personal data and have enough trust about how it is handled. The panel will show a overview of real and tangible benefits from a customer-centric use of energy personal data.

Giving access and control to Dutch citizens over their energy data

Bart Janssen, Alliander

For the energy transition is the participation of the customer key! For this is trust en control for the customer is very important and the base to share their energy data to service providers.

Looking from the perspective of the GDPR and non discrimination for the date is a solution needed what is based on the principle of privacy by design.

I will give a demo based on decentralized trust. Attribute based signing and Attributes vs identity system. We use this demo to prove that the way of working based on the ideas of MyData can works for the Energy sector

My Energy data cross border data access

André Alnor, Energinet

Danish Energinet and Estonian Elering would like to do a show and tell session on delegated data access across borders. The proposed architecture use Sovrin and Oauth2 for an energy specific MyData system. The two companies have done a preto type version with help from TrustNet and are currently designing the final system for implementation. The goal is to develop a system that opens data access for both data owners and so called agents across the European Union. Our aim is to have the design of a functioning cross border and an identity/access framework for cross border access ready in 2018.


Xavier Furst

Value Creation opportunities from energy data

Lukas Keller, EIT InnoEnergy/Power2U

The energy system is undergoing a major transition, with the rollout of smart meters well underway in most countries as one aspect of many. We can also observe that more and energy assets are being deployed behind the meter, like photovoltaics, batteries, electric vehicle chargers and heat pumps. Together, these assets generate a wealth of energy consumer data points in real time that enable a range of products and services beyond what is possible from smart meter data alone.

These large volumes of data can and should be effectively mined and monetized by old and new actors in the energy value chain, while respecting the GDPR.

We will present our work on a systematic framework for energy data monetization, identification of the monetization business cases across the energy and utility landscape and provide context to how they relate to standard data-driven revenue models.

We will close with two cases of startups supported by InnoEnergy that generate direct consumer value from energy data in Sweden.

Data for new distributed energy services

Natalie Samovich, Enercoutim

P2P models in R&I projects and spin offs: VICINITY2020 and SHAR-Q H2020 projects.

VISION 2050 for EU energy systems brings up distributed energy management models within many components of the envisioned System of Systems.

Evolving P2P models in distributed energy  are based on IoT platforms and require new interoperable approaches to bring silos of devices and systems together.  The issues are not fully solved on technology, business models level and regulation. Nevertheless, the role of energy services user/producer are emerging within the decarbonising, decentralising and deregulating energy system within the EU.

VICINTY’s H2020 research and innovation project´s vision is to provide “interoperability” as a service, create a platform for cross-domain value-added services.

SHAR-Q project builds on the components of the  VICINITY2020 project and demonstrates P2P energy services, such as shared storage capacities.  Will participation in demand response markets  for prosumers and SMEs become a reality?

Expect an innovation in action snapshot -  from platforms to business models towards transactive grids in one snapshot.

Session is moderated by: Coutant Fabien

Presentation by ?

Special needs for the session can be submitted here (printouts, tech needs) 

Goal of the session:

show an overview of real and tangible benefits from a customer-centric use of energy personal data, with two points of view :

  • how customers manage their energy data and the permissions with their utility,
  • how customer benefit from services using energy data


2 utilities approaches:

  • Alliander in Netherlands : multi-DSO privacy by design platform
  • Elering in Estonia and Energinet in Denmark : cross-border harmonized data sharing approach

3 themes for use cases :

  • GRDF in France : use cases around gas smart meter Data
  • Innoenergy in Sweden : use cases around energy data monetization
  • To be confirmed : use cases around flexibility services

3 showcased examples of third-party energy services:

  • One particular example for gas ?
  • Greenly in Sweden ?
  • Maybe Fortum in Finland or a use case of micro-grid management from HelloData in Netherlands ?


Start and opening        :                10:00 (7 minutes, moderator)

Intro of utilities presentations :        10:07 (3 minutes, moderator)                 

Presenter 1:                                10:10 (7 minutes, presenter 1)

Presenter 2:                                10:17 (7 minutes, presenter 2)

Q&A for utilities:                        10:24 (10 minutes)

Intro of services presentation:         10:34 (3 minutes, moderator)

Presenter 3:                                10:37 (7 minutes, presenter 3)

Presenter 4:                                10:44 (7 minutes, presenter 4)

Presenter 5:                                10:51 (7 minutes, presenter 5)

Q&A for services:                        10:58 (10 minutes)

Closing:                        11:10 (5 minutes, moderator)

End:                                11:15

Major Use Cases from Finland

Friday: Kultsa

10:45 - 12:00


Noora Lähde, Mika Huhtamäki, Antti Kettunen, Samuli Mustonen, Koiti Hasida, Teemu Ropponen


Finland has been hosting MyData conferences ever since 2016. Learn why! Major Finnish players have actually implemented concrete MyData models. Discover how from three use cases to share insights for other countries and regions to develop their personal-data ecosystems..

<b>Trafi-Tilaajavastuu MyData trial</b>

Noora Lähde, Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi
Mika Huhtamäki, Tilaajavastuu

What benefits MyData may bring to authorities, companies and citizens? What MyData means when customers have access to multiple kinds of data? We will present a MyData trial between Finnish Transport Safety Agency and Tilaajavastuu, where these questions are raised and tried out.

<b> A National Registry and Data Transfer Service for Study Rights and Completed Studies</b>

Samuli Mustonen, KOSKI

Citizens can access all their study data and share it by creating temporary links to their student records in the service. Finnish National Agency for Education has a pilot project to develop a consent management solution where users can give consents to 3rd parties to access their study data. In the pilot phase this solution is part of KOSKI service, but it is planned to be integrated as a part of national CMS solution.

<b>Project Mercury: decentralizing identities & processes</b>

Antti Kettunen, Tieto

Mercury is a joint project involving multiple Finnish private and public organizations in spring 2018. The project explored how a limited company can be founded using Sovrin (distributed identities) and Corda (shared process & transaction handling). This talk will present the findings, value and the solution we created, including a demo.

<b>Discussions and interactions with participants</b>

The session is facilitated by Teemu Ropponen and moderated by Koiti Hasida.

Start        :                        10:45

Opening:                        10:45 (3 minutes, moderator)                 


                                DELTA POLL START

                                GENERAL CHAT        

Intro of presenter 1:                10:47 (2 minutes, moderator)

Presenter 1:                        10:50 - 11:05 - Tilaavastuu/Trafi

Q&A for presenter 1:                11:05 - 11:08

                                Q&A FROM CHAT


                                QUESTION 2  - What is the most interesting aspect of the case(s)?

                                GENERAL CHAT        

Intro of presenter 2:                11:08 - 11:10

Presenter 2:                        11:10 - 11:25 - Opetushallitus/Samuli

Q&A for presenter 2:        11:25 - 11:28

                                QUESTION 2

Intro of presenter 3:                11:28 - 11:30

Presenter 3:                        11:30 - 11:45 - Tieto/Antti

Q&A for presenter 3:        11:45 - 11:48

                                QUESTION 2


Closing Q&A:                        11:48 (12 minutes, led by moderator)

                                VOTE ON QUESTION 2

                                DELTAPOLL END

End:                                12:00

A new try for impact question for Finnish use cases

#1 Delta question

What is the maturity of Finnish MyData cases?

* MyData cases are business as usual

* MyData cases are business ready

* MyData cases are breaking through

* MyData cases are proof-of-concepts

* MyData cases are still at a vision-thinking level


Possible question #3

#2a What is most interesting aspect in this case?

(submit comments - then vote)

#2b What is most interesting aspect in this case?

(submit comments - then vote)

#2c What is most interesting aspect in this case?

(submit comments - then vote)


2a p-p



2b interopt


2c nothing


#3 Possible question 3?

What is the Finnish position in the MyData landscape?

* Finland is visionary

* Finland is ahead of others

* Finland is nothing special


#1 Delta question

What is the maturity of MyData cases (tai case examples)?

* MyData cases are business as usual

* MyData cases are business ready

* MyData cases are breaking through

* MyData cases are proof-of-concepts

* MyData cases are still at a vision-thinking level

Use Cases Track: Synthesis & Discussion

Friday: Kultsa

13:15 - 14:30


Manon Molins, Koiti Hasida, Heli Törrönen, Hubert Le Liepvre


We will use this time to discuss the learnings of the use case track. We will synthesize three days of sessions and we will aim to have an honest deep discussion on what are the obstacles of the MyData use cases and how to move away from those to make the MyData World we hope for real.

Session is moderated by: Manon Molins and Koiti Hasida

Start        :                        13:15

Opening:                        13:17

=> 5min - Koiti: explaining the goal of this session, why it’s important “maybe you attended sessions in the track, maybe not, but you must have an opinion on MyData use cases, their successes, their failures, the way to make them more visible, the way to implement them etc, this is the moment to share those opinions”.

⇒ 5 minutes - Manon: a review of 3 days of use case track based on note taking

13.25-14h25 (1h)

Goal: to have a structured discussion with all participants. Install a circle of 5 chairs in the center of a big circle of chairs. Let’s have 4 people sited + 1 sit empty.

Step 1: Fishbowl discussion 13.25-14h15

⇒ Manon tells the instructions “the small circle is the circle where you can talk, if you are not in the small circle you should listen but at any moment you can jump into the small circle on the empty chair” “NB: if someone new enter the small circle, then someone must leave so that there is always an empty chair”

=> TODO: have 4 persons/accomplices already picked out to start the discussion. For instance familiar faces, or at the beginning, we can ask “who has been to two or more sessions from the track?” => “ok great, can you start and be in the chair first?”.

Step 2: Keypoints and voting! 14h15-14h25

We remove the small circle - everyone in the big circle with their computers/phones

⇒ Koiti introduces the next step= “Thank you for this discussion now, time to assert the key points, please use to write down the answers to this big question: “What are the key points of what constitutes a MyData Use Case?”. Please write them down in an assertive way. For instance “A MyData case involve a data holder sharing back data” “A MyData case should be open source” “A MyData service should let people get the actual data files / data portability compliant / API”

=> Manon + Koiti : “some of them are quite similar we will group them into one assertion”

=> Koiti introduces the vote part= “We have plenty of assertions, now time to select the ones we think represent the best the MyData cases. Just vote for your favorites (max 1 vote per assertion and max 10 votes total) on”

End:                        14:25-14:30

Manon + Koiti 2min review of the results and list o the keypoints selected by all.


August 21

  • Let’s check that every session is fine:
  • All speakers confirmed + on the website with bio and description of intervention
  • One minute-by-minute agenda per session with a clear moderator/facilitator identified
  • Special needs?
  • Chase speakers so they send their presentations/powerpoint => deadline for presentation is 28th August. 

  • Deliverable for the track or not? Let’s not forget about the workshop during the Open Space. Let’s all meet (Koiti, Heli, Manon, Hubert, Teemu) at the open space on the 30th at 1.30pm.
  • NB: Manon will takes notes on every session of this track in order to help Linnet Taylor do her final speech on last day. So those notes can perhaps helped the workshop?


Day by day schedule 

1) Session 1 29 august morning=  Consumer insights - hosted by Hubert Le Lievre.


75min session = 4 or 5 speakers:

  • Rimma Perelmuter
  • Maarten Louman
  • 1 speaker is added for sure: Robert guiness Pondemone  ROB GUINNESS:
  • 1 or 2 spots for someone else:

1) There is a third speaker planned but he has not responded yet (Javier Ruiz) (Open Rights Group) todo_Hubert will gently chase him with Antti help.

2) Input from Teemu: maybe ask another speaker: someone who wrote the Norwegian report: deceived by design “techniques and features of interface design meant to manipulate users”

  • todo_Teemu is engaging with them to see if they could come and speak

3) MAYBE 1 other speaker: Om Goeckermann, Person centric data model (not confirmed so not an issue yet on time + 180sec speech)

= Todo_hubert = contact all speakers including Javier Ruiz (+ ask for Robert Guinness to fill in the presenter form as well as Javier Ruiz if he agrees to come)

  • Is the name of this session should really be consumer insight? Should we change the name? Todo_all but specially Hubert: think of names that fit all presentations and pick one + write down a few sentences to describe the session
  • Maybe Consumer Rights & Insights
  • Maybe “Through dark ages to empowered consumers”

  • Removed picture of Heli + add robert guinness  todo_manon: ask viivi

  • Input from Antti and Teemu to Hubert: it’s simple to change this session from the usecase track to the empowerment track, so if it feels more right let’s do it.

2) Session 2 : 29 august afternoon : Handpicked live use cases - hosted by Heli


  • Heli will contact all speakers to organize the session
  • Picture of Sarah from Fing + picture of Josh Hedley-Dent from CitizenMe is missing todo_manon: ask viivi
  • Remark: 3 Pims are present, hope we avoid the “pitch feel” and really go deep into risks, feedbacks from their work/progress etc.

3) Session 3: 30 august morning : energy panel hosted by Fabien Coutant (Enedis)

Goal of the session : show an overview of real and tangible benefits from a customer-centric use of energy personal data

- Title of the session: is it really a workshop? Should we change the name?

- Who are the speakers? 

  • André Bryde Alnor from Energinet =
  • Arshad Saleem from EIT InnoEnergy
  • Fabien Coutant from Enedis

- Todo_manon: organize a call with André, Arshard and Fabien + tell them we need a woman in that session: input from Teemu: can a woman from InnoEnergy present or co-present?

3.1)  30 august afternoon: do a small workshop during the open space - let’s all meet (Koiti, Heli, Manon, Hubert) at the open space

Todo_manon: make sure we all meet there

4) Session 4: 31 august from 10h45 till 14h : workshop hosted by Manon + Koiti

We transform that workshop into a presentation session: “Major use cases from Finland” from 10.45am till 12.00.

All are from Finland:

Description of the sessions: Finland is hosting MyData since 2016, learn why! Major players in Finland are actually doing stuff, discover how with 3 use cases.

Facilitator: Teemu => todo_teemu: organize a call will all 3 (+ make sure Samuli has sent is bio)

Host: Koiti

13.15-14.30pm: Big conclusion of the use case track

1h15min to discuss the learnings of the use case track. Honest deep discussions on what are the obstacles and what are key points to make those use cases, and how to move on. Fish Bowl discussion.

Call May 1st June CET

  • Sessions descriptions

4 sessions now! Review of sessions.

  • Workshop: what do we want to do? How?

Call May 7th 10 AM CET


  • How is the acceptance procedure? (let’s check Trello)
  • Half of the speakers have accepted
  • Let’s aim to have session specific telcos with the accepted speakers between May 21st-25th (“present yourself, what do you think of the track/session descriptions, what do you expect etc”)
  • One telco for the showcase session (citizenme, digime, cozy/maif/sarah, Onecub) + hosts (Koiti, Heli, Hubert) = 9 people + Tanel
  • One telco for the workshop session (mercury, trafi, pondemone, om) + hosts (Koiti, Heli, Hubert) = 7 people + Tanel

Todo @tanel = Let’s ask them on slack!

  • Session descriptions (see below) - deadline May 13th
  • The two Wednesday sessions will be quite identical, and can do with lunch break
  • The Friday sessions should have double session across lunch
  • Draft track highlights for marketing use, with target groups defined on a BLT-level - deadline May 13th.
  • Session 1:
  • “Leaders of the MyData model from insurance, finance, health and retail industry with thousands of real users will be at MyData in the Use Case track!”
  • Session 2: “At Mydata, we will provide the space and methodology to develop the best recipe to make use cases successful!”

  • Template for use cases
  • Workshop/session flow

⇒ “Showcasing MyData Use Cases, an insight into the industry landscape”:

Time for cases!

  • Telco/Bank + Citizenme a (#dataservice #dataholder): (we need to ask them some questions: Would be great to have more info - telco or bank, which one?)
  • Iceland + Digime and third party services/apps(#dataservice)…:
  • MAIF (insurance provider) + Cozy (#dataservice #dataholder) + Sarah medjek (#individuals) (we need to contact cOzy)
  • Onecub (startup - retail)

⇒ “Building the MyData Use Cases framework”: 

Things we need to do:

- The “casting” of the workshop: who do we want there (names)?

- The procedure of the workshop from the first minute to the last one ;)

- The animator(s) of the workshop

Call April 27th 10 AM CET


  • Where we are - track sessions and timing
  • How to articulate use case and business track? If there is no need for a specific business session on day 1 we could merge the two tracks on day 1.
  • Session division: are we sure we want to have the Day 1 use case double session only in the afternoon? It will overlap with the partner session on main stage.
  • What bits are missing? Does this look like our vision?
  • We need a “script” for those cases: “here are the 5 angles we really want to have address”

  • Sending the “Yes, you’re confirmed” -letter ⇒ Point out that we’re not only expecting the “yes we’re so great” pitches EMAILS @Manon

Day 1= Showcase

  • Digime = DONE, waiting for response
  • Onecub = DONE, waiting for response
  • CitizenMe = DONE, waiting for response
  • Cozy/Maif = DONE, in french because they did not answer to the call for proposal, so first contact in french. Waiting for response

Day 2= Workshop

  • Robert Guinness (Pondenome) = DONE, waiting for response
  • Om Goeckermann = DONE, waiting for response
  • Trafi (Noora Lähde + Janne Huhtamäki) = DONE, waiting for response

Ex of email send to Rory Digime

Dear Rory,

We got roughly 100 proposals to the conference and your proposal was accepted into the programme! We want to welcome you to join the Use Cases topic track team in the conference. The track is divided into two sessions of 2.30pm (double session) each.

  • DAY 1 - 29th of August: “Showcasing MyData Use Cases, an insight into the industry landscape”. We selected only 4 use cases (including yours!) because we really want it to be a “deep dive” and not just “pitches”, so we would really need you to get involved in the track slack channel to discuss how to make this session very special. For example, we would be really keen if you could co-present with one data holder, someone from the Iceland health department? We want to show all that the MyData concept is valuable for all parties, including big organisations. Do you think it’s a possibility?
  • DAY 3 - 31th of August: "Workshop on the MyData Use Cases framework”. The goal here is to have a real work moment on what makes a MyData use case. We will have "special participants" for this workshop, in order to fuel the content, we would very much for you to be also one of them.

What do you think? Can you confirm your participation? You can do so by responding to this email (It means you need to be in Helsinki latest on the 29th of August).

We truly hope you will be able to join us,

Best regards,

Manon Molins (track host) and the track hosts & facilitators: Koiti Hashida, Heli Törrönen, Tanel Mällo and Teemu Ropponen.


If you do confirm you want to participate, then here are the next 3 steps:

0) Do not hesitate to communicate on your participation to the conference!

1) Please send your bio swiftly - absolutely latest by May 13th: If you confirm and will join, then please provide your presenter bio and photo via this link:

2) Join MyData Slack ( and #cases channels: Our principal discussion channel is slack. It is not mandatory, just very warmly and strongly recommended. All practical must-know communications to presenters will also be delivered over the email registered with the original proposal.

3) Mark in your calendar May 3rd and choose a suitable time: We will have webinars for all accepted conference presenters to welcome you on board and cover the programme structure and practicalities. We have three optional time slots to accommodate different schedules and time zones, it would be wonderful if you can make one of these!

  • May 3rd 8AM CET
  • May 3rd 2PM CET
  • May 3rd 6PM CET

Link to the webinars is: Before the webinar, we suggest you familiarise yourself with the high-level programme structure, this topic track, and the other accepted proposals for this track. The individual session pages with presenter names will be published during the first half of May and the full programme launch happens on May 23rd.

General Info

> Programme:

> Accepted proposals: You can access the Trello board with this invitation link Once in Trello, find our tracks column, all the accepted proposals of our track including yours are there.

> In the call for proposals page there is explanation of the conference pass pricing for the accepted presenters. The presenters’ special price is 180 EUR for 3-days, and 108 for 1-day (discount is valid until August 11). You can also share this discount PRIVATELY with your friends and colleagues. MyData 2018 is a community-driven event, in the same spirit as academic conferences, where peers and colleagues share the same passion and choose to come together to discuss and debate. You will receive the discount code upon confirming your participation as well as links for recommended accommodation.

The track objective is to share real-world cases, business models, technologies and lessons learned to understand how the MyData concept can successfully be used. We are especially interested in scalable use cases - for example cases promising to spread to one million people in a few years. But don’t be afraid to talk about the failures, either.

We would encourage insights from influential economic actors, including but not limited to

  • Players from the Net Economy (Facebook, Google, Amazon, Alibaba, WeChat, …)
  • Players from the Classical Economy (think car manufacturer like Toyota or Ford, retailers like Tesco or Carrefour, chemical/pharma like BASF, Dow Chemical or Bayer, …)
  • Players in Venture Capital business
  • Players in the public sector

How can businesses find new business by benefiting consumers giving their data to them, for example by creating new, more personalised services or products. How consumers can benefit their own data by giving it to businesses or public organisations

Use cases whether already existing or in concept phase. What kind of services can public organisations offer? What is their role?

Also let’s also be brave and ask: will this be interesting for businesses or are they still more focused on using the data they have gathered from their customers? What is required that “big money” will come into the field of MyData? How will new policies shape this development - and what more is needed? Show us the money, show us the value.

Call April 24 - 2.30pm CET

  • Decisions on the 3 sessions

(the energy session goes to longtail)

2 double sessions (2X1h15)

  1. “Showcasing MyData Use Cases, an insight into the industry landscape” Deep dive on 4 to 5 existing use cases on day 1 afternoon - 13.15-16.15= 2h30

This session will showcase the use cases relevant to the MyData model. Only a few presentations will be selected, so there is time to present and question the learnings, the business opportunities for all parties/their viability, the pain points they have to overcome, etc…


  • 5 min intro
  • 5 x 35min (including questions - 20-25 min based on the script + 10 m discussion?)
  • 5 min conclusion


Press release title -> “what would be your press release title” :) “An insurance company share with their 3M clients the personal data they have on them” “The Iceland ministry of Health commits to share their health data with its XX millions citizens” etc.

  1. “Building the MyData Use Cases framework”

Workshop on day 3 all day = 2h30

This workshop will focus on building a checklist of what is really a MyData use case, based on the ones showcased on the first session and the ones the participants want to add. We will analyse them and extract the criterias of what makes them “MyData” material, what makes a MyData case viable, …?

“We want you in the workshop casting and we want to have it under discussion (so presentation during 5 min)”

+ Invite the energy cases if their separate session is not at the same time.

Next call: 10am CET - Friday 27th (on workshop)

Call April 4 - 2pm CET

  • We need to agree on the few cases presented in the first session
  • Which ones do we want?
  • Who is going to contact them to tell them we want them?
  • What are we doing with the others who presented something in the call for proposal? Should we invite them to the workshop?
  • Note also -> there may be cases “cherrypicked” from outside of the proposals
  • What’s next? What do we need to do? (ex: template for cases to present in the first sessions, so we are sure they answer all the big questions and so we are sure we talk about business models? First draft of criteria for cases to help for the workshop, …?)

Session descriptions

Call March 28 - 12 CET

  • What’s up?
  • Heli and Koiti: we need to discuss the business track
  • Hubert: we are missing the view of payers. Suggestion : get the view from the “payer” in order to understand potential business models
  • # Who is paying for personal data ? Advertising networks ? Big brands ?
  • # What are they paying for : know what individuals are ready to pay for + know what people are interested in or concerned with
  • # How will they cope with GDPR and e-Privacy implementation ?
  • # Biggest players in data market : Google 100bn$, Facebook 40bn$
  • Manon: remind you of the table P11, with the use cases (our ideas, the call for proposal, the slack channel etc) + re-did as demanded the track description with the use case definition we discussed.
  • Teemu: we need to respond to those who submitted to call for proposal