Case Studies and the Industry Landscape

Value creation from MyData: from concepts to new business models.

The track objective is to share real-world case studies, business models and lessons learned to illustrate and explain how application of  MyData principles   brings business value. We call for proposals that address issues including the following:

How do companies improve existing services, find new business and improve trust in customer relationships by giving their clients better control over their data?

How do companies create more value and personalised services based on richer data provided by their clients?

How do customers benefit from sharing their data with businesses or public organisations?

How does better personal control over personal data improve  public services?

How do public organizations contribute to materializing personal data value?

What is required in order to have “big money” come into the field of MyData?

We are especially interested in scalable use cases, new business opportunities and service concepts. Don’t be afraid to talk about the failures as valuable lessons learned. As a sideline we encourage industry insights from influential economic actors from the Net Economy, Classical Economy, Venture Capitalists and public sector.

We will provide a common modelling language to compare cases and business models in the Case Studies track by Value Network Mapping and Analysis.

List of keywords:
Use cases, business models, business growth, business opportunities, transformation, value creation, benefit for consumer, benefit for citizen, personal data trade, personalised services, personal data exchange, data control.

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