Data Portability: New rights

Opportunities and benefits offered by the GDPR

GDPR compliance requires organizations that collect their customers’ personal data to provide them, among others, with a given set of new digital rights, including the right to data portability.

Data portability is expected to generate tensions between the compliance demands on businesses and their ability to retain customers. Technical reasons aside, data sharing is initially probably not in the first business interest of most established companies.

On the other hand, getting access to data does interest new-comers with innovative ideas. New opportunities and successful business models emerge by having more data available to be used across different services – based on real portability first and later enhanced by seamless interoperability.

This track aims to:

collect presentations and demos about practical implementation of the data portability right across a range of business domains;

explore perceived risks, opportunities and current technical barriers to empower a seamless data portability across internet services;

identify practical actions and recommendations on how to effectively turn data portability opportunities into new benefits.

Data Portability

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