MyData Futures

07: Futures [MyData 2018 topic track]


MyData Futures

Imaginizing the human-centric personal data future

This track imaginizes what a MyData world would or could look like. What will be different, and thanks to whom? What will emerge that is currently unthinkable, what new problems and issues? Who could the key characters in these stories be? What does a “MyData world” mean for different people, in different contexts? How can the MyData vision transform specific industries and activities?

We need stronger, more appealing (and not necessarily coherent) narratives for MyData, and for this we need to explore potential MyData futures. We might be looking for utopias or dystopias, but also everything in between: paradoxical, fun, desirable, messy, failed, complicated, incoherent, and ordinary data futures. For this, we will try to mix futures thinking methodologies with arts, fiction or design. The goal is to somehow feel and get a grip of the MyData futures.

This track will include at least one creative workshop. It is also interested in inputs from the fields of literature, movies, arts, as well as utopian visions. 

Additional materials:

Stuart Candy: “Ethnographic Experiential Futures” and “The Experiential Turn

Nesta/DECODE project: “Me, my data and I: The future of the personal data economy

Keywords: future, imaginizing, narrative, utopia, dystopia

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Friday: Klubisali

10:45 - 14:30

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