Open Space

Conference inside the conference, where YOU create the content

What is ‘Open Space’?


Open Space is where the magic happens! It is about harnessing the power of the attendees, people with various expertise, diverse interests and skills. In Open Space meetings,  participants create their own agenda of parallel working sessions around a central theme of strategic importance, such as: What is the strategy, group, organization or community that all stakeholders can support and work together to create?

Why Open Space?

Based on the feedback of MyData 2017 participants, the un-conference style sessions were really uplifting and insightful to many of the attendees. This year we wish to give even more space for emerging questions and burning topics that are not addressed in the actual programme. Open Space is an opportunity for ANYONE set a topic, gather a group, and work on it!

How will Open Space work?


Open Space is simple.

  1. Go to Agenda setting – give your idea to the facilitators.

  2. During lunch time, go to see the agenda wall and decide which topic discussion to join in the afternoon sessions.

  3. Discuss for one hour (don’t forget to gather inputs!)

  4. End the discussion and return the starting room


There are couple of rules to Open Space:


  • Whoever comes is the right people!

  • Whenever it starts, is the right time!

  • When it’s over, it’s over!

  • Whatever happens, is the only thing that did!

  • The law of two feet! – whenever you feel you have gained enough from this topic, you are able to move to another topic discussion!