Our Data

Our Data

Initiatives for public good and social justice

The track discusses both the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of new data initiatives and infrastructures that move beyond the individual level to think collectively for the social good. Potential aims include fostering public good and social justice, supporting and accelerating social movements, and reinventing or bypassing dominant business models and logics of the data economy (such as requiring consent to surveillance, opt-in/opt-out models, and assuming one model fits everyone).

We also seek lessons learned from data commons: the production, sharing, gathering and reclaiming of data by specific communities. Examples can come from any sector, including energy consumption, health, urban development, or finance.

In addition to learning about specific initiatives, the goal is to discuss how data infrastructures and data commons work more broadly. Motivating questions include: How do emerging data initiatives and infrastructures promote innovation, social justice, citizen participation and digital dignity? What makes a particular model possible?

A pre-conference workshop on Speculative Data Futures is organized in connection with this track.

Keywords: public good, social justice, social impact, data justice, digital dignity, data commons, data infrastructure