Cities Driving for European MyData Roadmap


For centuries cities and more widely public actors have been tech-followers. Indeed, in most cases the technology innovations have been emerging from the private sector, and the cities doubted first of their relevance before embarking on a late and timid adoption. But the time has changed!

Towards a European Roadmap for MyData
Hervé Groléas, CIO of Greater Lyon

Should cities include the MyData spreading and scaling as a part of their data public policy? If yes, in which way and how could the EU help for it?

Examples from UK and Holland

Jarmo Eskelinen, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer of the Future Cities Catapult
Marijn Fraanje, CIO Haag

Jarmo Eskelinen and Marijn Fraanje will explore what MyData means for cities? What is being done or planned, what are the key questions etc. regarding personal data management in the cities?

Commentary speech – City of Helsinki & MyData
Otso Kivekäs, council member and the vice chair of the Helsinki city board

Otso Kivekäs will reflect the content of the previous presentations from the perspective of city of Helsinki and the perspective of a decision maker. One year ago city of Helsinki made commitment to advance MyData principles in its actions.

Session is moderated by: Antti ‘Jogi’ Poikola