Dimensions of Interoperability


During this first session we will introduce the interoperability track and give the big picture of different dimensions of interoperability. We will define what interoperability means for MyData and how this is supported by the interoperability sessions in the conference.

We will start off the interoperability track with some of the most important topics of MyData interoperability. We will begin with how machines handling MyData understand interoperability. Then we will dive into the legal issues to be understood in interoperability, and finish with how interoperability can work at a national level in the X-Road architecture.

Dimensions of Interoperability
Joss Langford, Coelition

An overview of the role of interoperability in the MyData ecosystem – person, data source, data using service and operator. We will highlight the key dimensions of interoperability with reference to existing models and show how these connect to the various sessions in the interoperability track for MyData 2018.

The Language of Machines – from Syntax to Semantics
Geoff Revill, Krowdthink Ltd

For large-scale MyData integration our approach to building software needs a fundamental rethink. We are imposing on machines our human-scale communication methods instead of seeking to enable machines to freely converse. Unleashing the power of MyData means making it meaningfully interoperable with systems that have never seen or processed it before!

Interoperability: what needs to be understood from the legal side
Cagla Salmensuu, Tieto

The presentation will look at the regulatory landscape against which the MyData vision for interoperability is going to work. There are a number of instruments at the EU level which need to be known and understood in the field of interoperability for a meaningful implementation: the revised Directive on the reuse of Public Sector Information, the INSPIRE Directive, and the eIDAS Regulation as well as the new EU initiatives, such as the European Cloud Initiative, the EU eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020; and the envisaged ones, such as the Single Digital Gateway Regulation.

X-Road as a platform to exchange MyData
Petteri Kivimäki, Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS)

X-Road is an open source data exchange layer solution used by the national governments in Estonia and Finland. This presentation explains a concept how the X-Road could be used technically as a platform to exchange MyData. In addition to the technology, I’m also going to discuss the common principles and guidelines required by the concept.

Session is moderated by: Antti Kettunen