Handpicked Live Use Cases: MyData in Action


This session will showcase 4 use cases that demonstrate the MyData model and all of it’s parties: data holders, data services and individuals. This is not a pitching session! Selected use cases will share learnings, challenges and opportunities, success stories and failures, and you, as participants, will be able to question and explore these cases with the presenters.

S-group case
Kai Kuikkaniemi

How Citizen Data Platforms are giving businesses a competitive edge
StJohn Deakins, CitizenMe

CitizenMe is a Citizen Data Platform – working to give digital Citizens rights over the value of their data. Citizens gain control and value. Organisations get access to deep, rich, accurate and ethical insights, to use GDPR as a springboard to drive innovation and organisational change. We’ll use live client projects (including UK banks, global agencies & FMCG brands) that are using CitizenMe’s decentralised data platform to highlight how MyData principles can lead to sharper insights, and faster innovation.

How MyData is leading to an explosion in innovation?
Rory Donnelly, digi.me

During this session, Rory would like to present a number of apps/use cases which are either live in the app stores or in beta version which should hopefully demonstrate the power of data being centered around the individual. The use cases will be a mixture of apps ranging from the health, financial and social verticals.

An insurance provider share with its 3M clients the data they have on them and provide its clients a personal cloud – Cozy – to actually use it!
Chloé Beaumont, MAIF and Sarah Medjek, Fing

Self Data/MyData will only make sense if the individuals really seize their own information and use them (to make better decisions, acquire more self-knowledge, contribute to society…etc), in order to make Self Data happen, services and usage are crucial! But what makes individuals utilizing and adopting Self Data services? Based on the results of 2017-2018 MesInfos experiment we will propose a series of variables influencing the adoption of Self Data services.

Session is moderated by: Heli Törrönen