Interoperability and Decentralisation: Part I


We give an overview of existing interoperability-focused standards and protocols useful to the MyData audience, covering their history, the classic centralized and federated approaches, and the new set of decentralized and self-sovereign ones. We’ll talk about where each approach is appropriate, how the various standards can interact, and what possible upgrade paths could be.
Categories of technologies include: Identity (e.g. DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials, Authentication (e.g. DID-Auth), Access Control, Aggregation and Federation (e.g. the new W3C ActivityPub and ActivityStreams2 specs), and Personal Data Store APIs (e.g. Solid).

Decentralized Identifiers, DID methods, and BTCR Method Specification demo
Kimberly Hamilton Duffy

ActivityPub: a W3C Technical Recommendation for Federated Social Networking
Benjamin Goering

In January of 2018, the World Wide Web Consortium Social Web Working Group published the final versions of two standards: (1) ActivityStreams vocabulary for describing social data and activities on the web and (2) ActivityPub protocol for federated social networking. Both were quickly adopted by Mastodon, an open source TweetDeck-style web application. Come learn about how what these standards say, how they work together, and how you can implement them to break down the silos of the closed-source social networks.

Session is moderated by: Markus Sabadello