Rights or Ownership?


The “MyData Big Words Fishbowl discussions” build deeper shared understanding on one of the most profound questions in MyData discourse: should we speak about “ownership of one’s data” or is “rights to one’s data”? What are the implications of using one or the other?

The session starts with introductory presentation research findings on consumer attitudes regarding personal data management. The presentation is followed by deep, and fun and interactive fishbowl discussion about the “ownership vs. rights” -question.

Consumer Attitudes Towards Personal Information Management
Michael Becker, Assurant

This session will outline the latest proprietary research into consumer awareness and attitudes towards actively managing privacy and personal data, providing a better understanding of how these factors may impact opportunities within the emerging personal information economy. It will offer attendees a clearer roadmap to the market opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Fishbowl (un-panel) discussion: ownership vs. rights?

Fishbowl panel is lively and interactive method for deep discussions that the audience can participate.

Session is moderated by: Maria Macocinschi and Antti ‘Jogi’ Poikola