MyData, the Disruptor

Main Stage

For who? Politicians, CEOs and CDOs, legal and policy experts.

We are going through incredibly exciting and rapid societal, economic and technological change. Luukas Ilves will offer some strategies to carry the MyData agenda forward in discussions on economic policy and AI ethics.

Suddenly, the whole world gets “digital”. The world’s biggest corporations are tech companies, agribusiness say they are data companies, car manufacturers think of themselves as telcos, every CEO is worried about data protection, cyber attack is one of the greatest challenges for international security, and AI is upending everything and everyone. MyData is a dangerous idea whose time has come. Ideas and concepts are turning into products, services, markets and regulation. But there will also be opposition and blowback.

MyData: Rules for (Pragmatic) Radicals
Luukas Ilves

This talk looks at the political and economic agenda for mydata, the threats it faces, and offers ideas on the Allies and Strategies that will be necessary to overcome them.

For who? Politicians, CEOs and CDOs, legal and policy experts

Panel Discussion: Creating EU Roadmap for MyData

Panelists: Luukas Ilves, Jaana Sinipuro and Wil Janssen

Session is moderated by Taru Rastas

Main Stage