Life after the Death of GAFA
Stuart Lacey, Trunomi

GAFA have appealed to our most basic core instincts of our god (Google) our love (Facebook) our consumption (Amazon) and our vanity (Apple) – and have all lied to us: breaching privacy, intentionally breaking the law, avoiding taxes, eradicating jobs, destroying value.

Although they pay fines for, apologise for and blatantly claim otherwise – they do so to solely gain shareholder value acting more like lords over serfs and destroying the middle class.

At the root of all of this power play is OurData where we are the product. This session exposes the lies and corruption and explains the how, why and when of their imminent decline.

More importantly, it then sets the stage for the solution – the breakup of the big 4 and more importantly the rise for the next generation of competitors – those focused on the basic instinct of security – once taken for granted and now assailed from all sides with data breach, privacy, identity theft, disgust and ransom.

The bad news – it’s about to get worse before the good news – in a non traditional and passionate call for a new paradigm. Where nation states decline, trust is the new currency, blockchain is a utility and sovereignty is individual.

Session is moderated by: Pernille Tranberg