Out from the silos – personal data for innovation


Human-centric control of personal data underpins the seamless flow of data between different services and domains. Breaking data out of the silos enables new innovations that can emerge also outside of the domain of the original data provider, but still serve the common customer. As an example: the customer might be willing to use her loyalty card data in a health app, health is not the business of a retail chain, but by opening up for external innovators, the retail chain may be able to create more value for its customer who uses the loyalty card. This session looks at why and how personal data could be opened for wider ecosystems and what is the disruptive power of such networked innovation, and looks at this question from a corporate perspective.

Creating a personal data management commons
Wil Janssen, InnoValor

PDM is a complex concept. Complexity can be reduced by creating a common, shared and open infrastructure of building blocks for personal data management.

In this session, we discuss different use cases and their relation with those building blocks. The uses cases cover both private as well as public scenario’s. Peter Eikelboom will sketch a pilot to transfer information on study loans through a PDM solution (Schluss) towards the bank for mortgages. Marlies Rikken will discuss a number of scenarios concerning applications for support from municipalities. Both types of scenarios will go live in autumn 2018 as part of the Digital We research project in the Netherlands.

Session is moderated by: Wil Janssen