Participatory exercise around Data Portability


We will start with a lightning talk presenting how GDPR’s Right for Data Portability has been implemented by service providers in the newspapers and journal industry. After setting the scene, the remaining part of the session will be ‘hands-on’ and interactive, involving participants into evaluating current tools usability, provide feedback and recommendation for the next generation of them in order to better fulfill end-users and not only service providers needs.

GDPR regulation and data portability of crowdsourcing users
Tuula Pääkkönen, National Library of Finland

As a service for a digitized newspapers and journals, enables crowdsourcing to individual users via clippings. This lightning talk will show three ways for being compliant with the data portability requirements of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the point of view of a service provider.

Session is moderated by: Crt Ahlin and Michele Nati

Data Portability