Sitra IHAN®: Identity management in the IHAN® world


Identity management in the IHAN® world
Sitra’s IHAN® project will create the missing building blocks for fair and functioning data economy. By creating an international protocol between end users, data providers and service providers we can enable a data ecosystem where everybody wins: service providers can start to create and capture value by providing relevant services to end users by using data from one or more data sources with the consent of the individual – giving people control over how and what their data is being used for.

During the next three years we are launching and funding pilot projects in which various technologies and mechanisms are tested against IHAN requirements. Right now we are building awareness and engaging people across Europe.

Help us crack the toughest nut in the world right now – Identity management! In this workshop we will focus on these three IHAN components:

· IHAN Number – What is the best mechanism to connect you with your data?
· eIDAS identity management – What is the role of eIDAS in the IHAN ecosystem?
· Identity wallet – You have hundreds of identities (accounts) today. How will you manage them tomorrow?
Check out the stories below and choose your favorite session.

IHAN Number
Antti Larsio, Sitra

The IHAN Number is an identifier to uniquely combine you and your data – globally. This all-new approach will change the way we used to handle our precious data in various services. The IHAN number is the new standard! In this workshop we will cover the mathematical and technical background and discuss how this new tool can be utilized to create bullet-proof mechanisms to protect your valuable assets.

eIDAS identity management
Juhani Luoma-Kyyny, Sitra

eIDAS is establishing an EU-wide legal framework for electronic signatures and a range of newly defined electronic “trust services”. In this session we will search the areas where eIDAS and IHAN will support each other and also discover the challenges that are already recognized. So if you are familiar with eIDAS implementations, come and help us!

Identity Wallet
Jyrki Suokas, Sitra

The challenge of managing multiple identities is a common problem, that has so far been resolved in closed environments. What if you could manage all your identities or have them managed for you – globally? If you are interested in identity management, come to this workshop either to get the latest info or to share your ground-breaking ideas to resolve known issues.

Session is moderated by: Jyrki Suokas