Semantic Interoperability and Transparency


Harmonised semantics and standardised vocabularies for personal data are essential for portability, informed consent, notice and transparency of personal data processing. In this session will we will focus on how we can integrate semantic schemes in both subject-centric approaches and at the enterprise level. We will show how academia, industry and standards bodies are working together for regulatory compliance and the wider benefits of interoperability.

Privacy and Transparency Interoperability
Axel Polleres & Ben Whittam Smith

We report on the recent W3C workshop in Vienna on Privacy and Transparency interoperability, standards and vocabularies as well as the current status of the use cases from the SPECIAL EU project that is building a scalable policy-aware linked data architecture for privacy.

Sharing personal data through semantic containers
Christoph Fabianek & Elmar Kiesling

In this talk we propose a framework to share personal data in a secure way, track and control the usage of that data, as well as allow to bill any data access. The approach uses semantic annotation to describe data and processing capabilities and uses container technology to provide easy deployability.

Session is moderated by: Joss Langford