The Domains of Identity

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For who? Privacy advocates, Personal Information Management Systems community, Compliance Officers, CEOs and CDOs

At the moment we are not in control of our digital identities as we have given them to giant companies like Facebook and Google – or governments. Kaliya Young, better known as Identity woman, explains how we, the people, could gain back our sovereignty and Tony Fish & Lubna Dajani describe what kind of tools we could have to do that.

Discussions of personal data and identity management are often confusing because they mix issues from multiple domains, or because they try unsuccessfully to apply solutions from one domain to problems in another. Kaliya Young will outline the key domains of identity to bring clarity for the discussions in the MyData conference.

The Domains of Identity & Self Sovereign Identity
Kaliya Young, IdentityWoman

Kaliya’s research outlines sixteen key domains within which personally identifiable information is stored in databases. This talk will conclude with consideration of how Self-Sovereign Identity technologies interact with the domains of identity.

Disrupting the Disruption
Tony Fish & Lubna Dajani

Designing meaningful consent.
Compelling identity propositions.
The strategy of trust.

Session is moderated by: Molly Schwartz

Main Stage