Tools for Data Portability


The session will showcase four open-source projects that focus on data portability. We will start investigating how new business models can leverage data portability and what tools and technologies can support that. Following this overview we will then conclude the session with lessons learned from real cases on how to build user friendly data portability tools and experiences. In particular we will learn about: 1) Ocean Protocol, which combines economic incentives with embedded privacy and security features to revolutionise the concept of data portability under individuals control; 2) “Personium”, a Personal Data Store (PDS) solution that aims to facilitate data portability; 3) Data Transfer Project, an open source project making it easy for individuals to copy data from one online service provider to another and 4) fair&smart, a platform which connects individuals to organisations and provide them with tools to share and manage personal data,

Ocean Protocol – A new lens on data portability
Paul Galwas, DEX I Ocean Protocol Foundation

Data portability should be the norm rather than the exception driving the current data economy. The Ocean Protocol promises to achieve this. The core technology is a radical new approach to ‘data portability’ where economic incentives meld with traditional security and privacy practices to provide a Decentralized Data Exchange platform.
The talk will introduce the Ocean Protocol and the Ocean Protocol Foundation, and show how it will revolutionise the concept of data portability, commoditize data sharing, and bring our personal data back under our control.

“Personium” – PDS envisioning the Web of MyData
Akio Shimono, Fujitsu Ltd. / Open Knowledge Japan

How can we citizens maximize the benefits of the new right to data portability, which is now rapidly being recognized globally?
Personal Data Store is a technology that will receive all “My Data” from hundreds of services. It aggregates and integrates them, and at times discloses a portion of them to others under user’s control for creating new values.
This talk will introduce an open-source Personal Data Store (PDS) server “Personium”, providing details on its technical implementation, the underpinning business models, and the actual implemented and future use cases.

The Data Transfer Project – Core Framework Overview and Development
Brian Willard, Google

This talk will give a technical overview of the architecture as well as several components developed to support the Data Transfer Project’s ecosystem including common data models, the use of industry standards, the adapter framework, the task management system, and more. We will walk through a core framework developer setup, provider integration guide, pending issues, and product roadmap.

fair&smart – 3 months of Data Portability in practice
Xavier Lefevre, Fair&Smart

Focus of this talk is to collect and share lessons learnt on how organizations could best deal with the implementation of the GDPR data portability right. The talk will investigate aspects including:
1. How to reply to a data portability request from a customer point of view, how to control risks and keep track of interactions; thus making the overall process a good experience from a user perspective.
2. How the obtained data could be used to design new services alone or in combination with other data sources, and how access to the different types of data could be managed in a compliant way.

Session is moderated by: Michele Nati

Data Portability