Major Use Cases From Finland


Finland has been hosting MyData conferences ever since 2016. Learn why! Major Finnish players have actually implemented concrete MyData models. Discover how from three use cases to share insights for other countries and regions to develop their personal-data ecosystems..

Trafi-Tilaajavastuu MyData trial
Noora Lähde, Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi
Mika Huhtamäki, Tilaajavastuu

What benefits MyData may bring to authorities, companies and citizens? What MyData means when customers have access to multiple kinds of data? We will present a MyData trial between Finnish Transport Safety Agency and Tilaajavastuu, where these questions are raised and tried out.

A National Registry and Data Transfer Service for Study Rights and Completed Studies
Samuli Mustonen, KOSKI

Citizens can access all their study data and share it by creating temporary links to their student records in the service. Finnish National Agency for Education has a pilot project to develop a consent management solution where users can give consents to 3rd parties to access their study data. In the pilot phase this solution is part of KOSKI service, but it is planned to be integrated as a part of national CMS solution.

Project Mercury: decentralizing identities & processes
Antti Kettunen, Tieto

Mercury is a joint project involving multiple Finnish private and public organizations in spring 2018. The project explored how a limited company can be founded using Sovrin (distributed identities) and Corda (shared process & transaction handling). This talk will present the findings, value and the solution we created, including a demo.

Discussions and interactions with participants

The session is facilitated by Teemu Ropponen and moderated by Koiti Hasida.