Adam Burns

Director at free2air limited

Adam is a passionate Internet technologist, pioneer and advocate, with over 25 years of experience in the human centered “full stack” of digital communications.

He was technical manager of Australia’s first national ISP (member of the Association of Progressive Communications) specialising in facilitating human rights, NGOs and social change groups’ online communications needs.

Adam worked in health and justice sectors, bringing emerging standard practices of information security and risk management to the handling of data vital to human and social well-being.

He has co-founded and was a director of the Australian chapter of the Internet Society.

Adam founded Europe’s earliest community wireless network, holding workshops for people to share expertise to establish, manage and own their own open access networks.

He co-authored the “Pico-Peering Agreement”, a globally recognized template agreement for setting out expectations and responsibilities between entities in open access networks.

Adam has designed global encrypted mobile voice systems, emergency broadcast FM radio networks in Syria and Africa, and secure Enterprise WiFi systems.

He has recently engaged in EU research securing personal data processing within public clouds, together with product development of decentralized personal information management systems and consent management for transmission, storage and processing of personal data.

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