Adrian Gropper

CTO at Patient Privacy Rights

Agency is one’s ability to exert power. The thing that is to be my online agent must work only for me (self-sovereign) and should be standards-based.

Adrian Gropper, MD is CTO of the non-profit Patient Privacy Rights Foundation. I have training as an engineer from MIT and physician from Harvard Medical School. A career medical device entrepreneur, I founded AMICAS as the first Web-based radiology PACS and the first to provide imaging links in electronic health records as well as two other regulated medical diagnostics businesses. I participated in the founding of many healthcare interoperability initiatives including Blue Button, Direct Project, and Health Relationship Trust (HEART) and speaks frequently on privacy engineering in health care. My paper won a prize at ONC’s 2016 Blockchain Health competition.
Our current project, HIE of One Trustee, uses public blockchains, standards, and open source software to enable patient-controlled independent health records that can last a lifetime. This reference implementation informs blockchain standards development for identity, credentials, and reputation with groups that include W3C, IEEE, Kantara, OpenID Foundation, and others.
My relationship to MyData goes back years as soulmates in personal data management. Personal agency, a.k.a. self-sovereign technology, requires both standards (for substitutability) and Free Software. The blockchain model of decentralized governance now gives us believable models for self-sovereign technology at scale to present at MyData.

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