Afef Abrougui

Corporate Accountability Editor at Ranking Digital Rights

Afef Abrougui is the Corporate Accountability Editor at Ranking Digital Rights (RDR), working on editorial and advocacy tasks aimed at advancing corporate accountability for freedom of expression and privacy online. She is also the MENA Advox editor at Global Voices, where she reports on the intersection of technology and human rights in the region. In 2017, Afef served as a research fellow at SMEX, a Beirut-based NGO that advocates for an open and free internet, where she conducted a research assessing disclosures by mobile operators in the Arab region, using the RDR methodology. Afef holds a media studies MA from the University of Amsterdam, where she wrote her thesis on the implications of commercial social media platforms’ content removal policies in compliance with local laws.

My Sessions

Mechanics of fairness


This session explores issues around accountability, transparency and fairness around our data. By looking at both trends and norms in respecting rights, we will explore the questions around our data and the potentials for it, with respect to redefining how accountability functions and how algorithms are used. Algorithmic fairness meets the GDPR Jussi Leppälä, Valmet […]

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