Aki Enkenberg

Senior ICT policy specialist at World Bank

Data has become key for global development, helping to deliver faster, better and smarter. This requires we also manage data-related risks better.

Aki is a Senior ICT Policy Specialist with the Transport and Digital Development Global Practice of the World Bank, working to advance digital capabilities and solutions for development globally. Previous to this, he worked as a Senior Adviser for ICT and innovation for Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs, leading sectoral policy and advisory work within the context of Finnish development policy. He has a background of working in the space of innovation policy and practice both in Finland and South Africa.

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Truly Global


Do you know in how many countries in the world there is no existing data protection regulation? Access to personal data yes, but how about access to internet – what the net neutrality has to do with MyData? Even if we live in globally connected world the cultural differences are real and they do affect […]