Arikia Millikan

Founder of CTRL+X

If we don’t explore business models for online media outside of surveillance capitalism, journalism may cease to exist.


Arikia Millikan is an American born writer, ghostwriter, journalist, editor, publisher, and parrot trainer currently based in Berlin. In May 2018 she founded CTRL+X, a research and development agency exploring alternative technological platforms and business models for online media operations. Prior to that, she founded LadyBits, a literary collective for tech-savvy women, was an editor at WIRED, and worked directly with Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight on the production of The Signal and the Noise. She has published numerous articles about science and technology.

My Sessions

The Blue Ocean of Ethical Personal Data


The dominant, so far widely successful, business models in the field of personal data are based on mass data collection, analysis and targeting advertisements. We have seen evidence that the public opinion is turning more negative towards such practices and the models are also being challenged by regulators. On this mature market also the competition […]