Benjamin Goering

Founder of Permanent.Company

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Benjamin started his career at age 19, moving to San Francisco and serving for 6 years as a Founding Engineer and Product Manager at Livefyre, a real-time commenting and social media aggregation platform. As an Invited Expert in the W3C Social Web Working Group, he helped refine the ActivityStreams social data vocabulary and ActivityPub federated social networking protocol. In 2016, he created distbin.com, the first implementation of ActivityPub. After Adobe acquired Livefyre in 2016, Benjamin started bengo.co, where he works with nonprofits and startups to build new features, scale cloud architectures, and adopt continuous integration and deployment best practices. In 2018, he founded Permanent.Company to build a cloud platform and community that everyday people can use to replace proprietary SaaS apps with sustainable open source alternatives. Benjamin volunteers with peoplesopen.net, a community-owned-and-operated wireless network in the SF Bay Area, and is passionate about making technology accessible to everyone and designing decentralized systems that anyone can contribute to.

My Sessions

Interoperability and Decentralisation: Part I


We give an overview of existing interoperability-focused standards and protocols useful to the MyData audience, covering their history, the classic centralized and federated approaches, and the new set of decentralized and self-sovereign ones. We’ll talk about where each approach is appropriate, how the various standards can interact, and what possible upgrade paths could be. Categories […]