Dawn Nafus

Senior research scientist at Intel

How can we empower ourselves around our personal data – and potentially contribute to a greater good?

Dawn Nafus is a senior research scientist at Intel Labs, where she conducts anthropological research to inform new product development and strategy. Her research interest include cultures of quantification, health and environmental sensing, and digital methods. She is the editor of Quantified: Biosensing Technologies in Everyday Life (MIT Press, 2016), co-author of Self Tracking (MIT Press 2016) and co-editor of Ethnography for a Data-Saturated World (Manchester University Press, 2018).

My Sessions

Collective and Personal

Main Stage

Much of personal data is fundamentally social in nature – it is not tied to one individual, but rather to many people. Data is also communication and signaling, it is shared between many. The collective production and use of data create technical and social challenges what may be missed in the discussions if we speak […]

Main Stage