Elmar Kiesling

Postdoctoral researcher at TU Wien

Elmar Kiesing is a Postdoctoral researcher at TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology) with a broad background and research portfolio in semantic web and big data technologies, security and privacy, and management and optimization. His current research interests related to myData include semantic modeling of personal data and interoperability challenges in the context of personal data ecosystems.

Besides his academic interest, Elmar has contributed to the Open Data community and is passionate about the idea of giving individuals the means to exercise control and leverage the potential of their personal data.

My Sessions

Semantic Interoperability and Transparency


Harmonised semantics and standardised vocabularies for personal data are essential for portability, informed consent, notice and transparency of personal data processing. In this session will we will focus on how we can integrate semantic schemes in both subject-centric approaches and at the enterprise level. We will show how academia, industry and standards bodies are working […]