Fabien Coutant

Data Governance & strategy at Enedis

After 8 years in consulting firms with energy and telecommunication customers, Fabien Coutant joined Enedis, one of the largest electricity distribution system operator in Europe. Now part of the Data Gouvernance team, he is in charge of various projects, from Open to Closed Data, from field experimentation to mid term data strategy. Fabien is particularly involved with experiments and strategic projects regarding the handling of smart meter data. In 2010, he was also co-leading one of the most thourough and complete experiment of self data with smart meters in France, in 2014, the first experiment of energy data portability and in 2017 its industrial development.

My Sessions

Energy Data Sharing


With hundreds of millions smart meters installed worldwide, the energy sector carries on its digital transformation. They enable citizens to know their personal consumption, get a better understanding and be offered new services. The potential is great, but only if the citizen is in the center of their personal data and have enough trust about […]