Folke Hermansson Snickars

Ambi Prospect AB

I joined MyData Global to find out more about the advancement of human centric personal data. I have during my long life experienced the main frame computer era, the personal computer era, the data communication era (pre-Internet), and is now searching ideas for my Personal Information Management System. I am based in the small town Trosa in Sweden. My professional career has had as a common theme, human communication (nuclear research, research libraries, standardization, quality and environmental, international development). Now self-employed consultant in Ambi Prospect AB. As pro bono activity I participate in the IEEE P7006 Standard for Personal Data AI Agent. I have since long been an early adopter of new digital developments. I was part of the development of the development of search via telecommunication networks in scientific and technical databases long before Internet, I bought and used the Apple II personal computer among the first private owners in Sweden, and promoted Mac computers at the work place, but had finally to accept Windows as operating system. In my professional career I have used OpenOffice and now LibreOffice as office software, and in my attempt to learn about blogging I have now found my virtual mentor in Dave Winer with his non-silo software products like Little Outliner 2 (see http:// instantoutliner.com/c), Radio 3 and others. I am also following the work by Doc Searls with his Customer Commons movement and the development of customertech (or Project VRM as it started). Now I am regarding myself as a netizen.

My Sessions