Freyr Ketilsson

CEO and co-founder of Dattaca Labs


Freyr established the Startup studio with his Co-founder Bala Kamallakharan after leaving Vodafone IS former role as an Innovation Manager. Freyr was responsible within Vodafone to create new revenue streams, both with adopting solution from Vodafone group and through third party partnership. Freyr developed fruitful partnership through the Icelandic Startup Ecosystem for Vodafone in his time there.
The Startup studio roles is to bridge the gap between Startups/Entrepreneurs and mature corporation with the intention of creating a 1+1=3 dynamic.

Freyr holds a B.Sc. Business degree with a major in marketing and a minor in management from University of Akureyri, Iceland. Freyr has IPMA D level certifications in Project Management. Currently Freyr is studying M.Sc. in Innovation and Business development from University of Iceland, graduating in 2018.
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