Geoffrey Delcroix

Innovation Manager at CNIL lab (linc)

Presentation of the “The platform of a city” , written by linc.cnil.fr the innovation and foresight lab of the french data protection authority




Geoffrey Delcroix is ​​managing the innovation and foresight lab of CNIL, the french data protection and privacy authority : https://linc.cnil.fr

The team is focused on 3 missions:
– Explore emerging trends at the frontier between digital technologies, ethical issues and data.
– Exchange ideas and act as the main point of contacts for innovation ecosystems (start-ups, labs, academics…).
– Experiment innovation methodologies and produce or co-produce proof of concepts or prototypes around privacy issues.
The team also publishes on various topics (smart city, connected vehicles, robotics, AI, connected objects, drones, digital health, algorithms …), all available on LINC.

The team regularly publishes more in-depth studies on a subject of future exploration, the IP reports (they can be found in the media library of the LINC website).
The fifth issue of the studies, called “The platform of a city” is an exploration of the issues related to smart city and data uses in urban planning and services. It contains recommendations, in particular regarding the different tools that can be used in the future to create meaningful and controlled uses of personal data for public interest purposes.

A graduate in political sciences and geopolitics and defense, Geoffrey began his career in the Futuribles team, an independent center for study on the contemporary world, as a consultant and researcher. He was then in charge of foresight within the Delegation for prospective and strategy of the french Ministry of the Interior (homeland security) before joining the CNIL in 2011.

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