Heidi Laine

Doctoral candidate at the University of Helsinki

Right to be remembered is overlooked in discussions about personal data and privacy. It affects especially society’s underprivileged groups.


Heidi Laine is a science policy expert and researcher based in Helsinki. She studies research integrity regulation using social science history methods. In the past she’s worked f.e. for the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity and led three national projects; UNIFI Open Science and Data Action Plan, Open Citizen Science, and Tracing Data (on data citation). Laine is a Finnish Ministry of Education, Science and Culture’s 2017 Open Science Award recipient. She’s also the secretary of the Finnish Committee for Research Data, a member of CODATA Data Policy Committee and a Research Data Alliance Early Career Fellow.

My Sessions

Debating rights & responsibilities


The aim of this session is to think how the move beyond the individual aids in the pooling of data resources for the public good. The issues discussed range from a need to build a collective history, to using technologies in a responsible manner and to data redefined as general intellect. You hear talks from […]

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