Hubert Le Liepvre

President and founder of Ze Profile

Ze Profile is a mobile application enabling:
• consumers to monetize a set of data
• e-retailers to acquire selected clients
On the consumer initiative, the app uses banking data to create a personal profile. For goods selected by the consumer, promotional offers are pushed to acquire selected customers.
GDPR is shaking the personal data market. With Ze Profile, the individual user controls its data and bespoke promotions.
Ze Profile is incubated in Paris at Le Swave, the Fintech platform led by Paris&Co.

My Sessions

Use Cases Track: Synthesis & Discussion


We will use this time to discuss the learnings of the use case track. We will synthesize three days of sessions and we will aim to have an honest deep discussion on what are the obstacles of the MyData use cases and how to move away from those to make the MyData World we hope […]


Individual Awareness


Major study & use cases will help us understand the potential of the MyData Model, from awareness to protection. What do people really understand about their data? Michael Becker, Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) MEF’s 5th annual trust study looks at consumers awareness levels of what’s happening with their data. We will exclusively preview the findings […]