Jacky Bourgeois

Researcher at TU Delft

I am a researcher at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft. With a background in computer science, I work at the exciting interface between Design and the Internet of Things with a focus on personal data. I am especially interested in understanding how designers can effectively and responsibly use personal data to design innovative and relevant products and services. My research has a strong real-world focus. I rely on methods such as Participatory Data Analysis (PDA), in which I combine qualitative and quantitative data to build rich, multi-perspective understandings of contextual environments in collaboration with the end users. Using data as a core material, responsible and compliant use of data is a pillar of my research. I am developing mechanisms to ensure that data subjects remain in control of their data while it is used to its full potential.

My Sessions

Designing within the Personal Data Economy


With the growing ubiquity of data there is an increasing interest from the design research community to understand how product and interaction designers can engage with sensor data and how sensor data can be incorporated in design processes, i.e. how data can be used as creative ‘design material’. This vision of exploratory design clashes with […]