Jessie “Chuy” Chavez

Senior Software Engineer on the Data Liberation team

Jessie ‘Chuy’ Chavez is a Senior Software Engineer on the Data Liberation team in Chicago which systematically provides users control of their data in Google products, and he recently celebrated 11 years at Google. Chuy was named to the Crain’s 2015 Tech50 list of people to know in Chicago’s technology community. Apart from his main job, Chuy spends his 20% time coordinating education outreach and participating in diversity efforts in the Chicago office such as the Code.org/CS4All initiative in Chicago Public Schools, the Google.org sponsored Robot Revolution, the Chicago Public Library robot and hotspot checkout program, and many other initiatives with local educational and community partners including non-profit and human rights organizations.

My Sessions

Technical aspects of Data Portability


This session will focus on the technical aspects of data portability. We will present possible ways of implementing data portability as well as demonstrate existing use cases for transferring data from one provider to another. Finally, we will present a common framework for enabling portability of personal data and turning it into an opportunity for […]

Data Portability