Kai Kuikkaniemi

Post Doc research at Aalto University / Development Manager at SOK

Kai Kuikkaniemi is a postdoctoral researcher at Aalto University, Digital content communities research group. He has been actively involved in initiating MyData community and MyData concept. He has also been involved in incubating many MyData research activities in Finland. Kuikkaniemi had also central role in the incubation of MyData Alliance in Finland. In addition to MyData research Kuikkaniemi has been also involved in various CSCW, CHI, pervasive computing, information systems, service design and gaming related research projects.

In addition to MyData research Kuikkaniemi is most of his time a development manager at SOK, which is a large Finnish co-operative with leading or significant market share in retail, hotels, restaurant, consumer banking and gas stations. At SOK, Kuikkaniemi is involved in the development of general personal data management framework including master data, data protection, account system, identification and consenting services, personalisation services and CRM functions. In addition Kuikkaniemi is also involved in some non-operative entrepreneurial activities.

My Sessions

The Blue Ocean of Ethical Personal Data


The dominant, so far widely successful, business models in the field of personal data are based on mass data collection, analysis and targeting advertisements. We have seen evidence that the public opinion is turning more negative towards such practices and the models are also being challenged by regulators. On this mature market also the competition […]


Standards for Delivering on the MyData Principles


Delivering on the MyData principles Colin Wallis, Kantara This presentation takes each of the MyData 6 Principles and gives examples of Kantara’s work supporting those – from the specifications that the Kantara community curates through member implementations of those specifications to Trust Mark evidenced conformity via Kantara’s Trust Framework and Assurance programme. Delivering on the […]


Handpicked Live Use Cases: MyData in Action


This session will showcase 4 use cases that demonstrate the MyData model and all of it’s parties: data holders, data services and individuals. This is not a pitching session! Selected use cases will share learnings, challenges and opportunities, success stories and failures, and you, as participants, will be able to question and explore these cases […]