Kimberly Hamilton Duffy

CTO at Learning Machine

Kim Hamilton Duffy is CTO of Learning Machine. Her focus is enabling decentralized, recipient-owned credentials and identity solutions. She is Principal Architect for Blockcerts, an initiative led by Learning Machine and MIT Media Lab, providing open standards, open source implementations, and an ecosystem enabling decentralized, blockchain-based credentials.

Kim is co-chair of the W3C Credentials Community Group (CCG), which is driving the Decentralized Identifiers (DID) specification. Her standards work includes co-developing the BTCR DID method specification and open source implementations, aligning the Open Badges and Verifiable Credentials specifications, and contributing to JSON-LD signature suites and prototype implementations.

Kim studied Mathematics and Computer Science at University of Texas at Austin (B.S.) and Cornell University (M.S.). Her professional experience includes architecting and building reliable, distributed systems; building developer-focused APIs and tools as owner of System.Collections and System.IO in the .NET Common Language Runtime; and generally hacking on fun, mathematically interesting problems.

My Sessions

Interoperability and Decentralisation: Part I


We give an overview of existing interoperability-focused standards and protocols useful to the MyData audience, covering their history, the classic centralized and federated approaches, and the new set of decentralized and self-sovereign ones. We’ll talk about where each approach is appropriate, how the various standards can interact, and what possible upgrade paths could be. Categories […]