Lubna Dajani

Co-founder of Allternet Ltd

Tony Fish, Lubna Dajani, Kaliya Young -The Domains of Identity

Lubna is an internationally known executive, systems designer and industry expert recognized for her unique blend of foresight and experience. As a futurist who inspires new thinking and disruptive business models, she created and writes about the Allternet, a visionary manifesto. Her industry positions are extensive and include founding Secretary of the Open Trust Protocol Alliance Co-chair of the prpl Foundation Marketing Council and AIOTI member representative.
Lubna facilitates industry, academic, and community collaborations that foster innovation and promote women and young professionals in science, technology, and the arts. Her board and advisory experiences include MusicTechFest, AEC Hackathon, National Adoption Center, NYU Music Experience Design Lab .
Lubna serves as mentor and coach to NYC Seed Fund, Springboard Enterprises, judge to several industry recognition awards and is a Visiting Scholar at NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development. She is also the co-founder of Futuristas, and is driven by the desire to create a transparent, agnostic and symbiotic economy.

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The Domains of Identity

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For who? Privacy advocates, Personal Information Management Systems community, Compliance Officers, CEOs and CDOs At the moment we are not in control of our digital identities as we have given them to giant companies like Facebook and Google – or governments. Kaliya Young, better known as Identity woman, explains how we, the people, could gain […]

Main Stage