Maria Macocinschi

Doctoral candidate at Turku Law School

I am currently a doctoral candidate in information privacy law at the University of Turku, and a research fellow at Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society. My research focuses on the interaction between dataveillance technologies and privacy and data protection regulations in the context of the modern information economies. In particular, I examine the legal and technological challenges of various mechanisms of consumer control over personal information and digital identities, as conceptualized in both human rights-based and market-oriented regimes. My research topics also include data portability and MyData platforms, economics of personal data and privacy, commodification and propertization of information, consumer protection in smart environments, Big Data technologies, pseudonymity and anonymity, privacy and identity management systems, and behavioral analytics.

My Sessions

Rights or Ownership?


The “MyData Big Words Fishbowl discussions” build deeper shared understanding on one of the most profound questions in MyData discourse: should we speak about “ownership of one’s data” or is “rights to one’s data”? What are the implications of using one or the other? The session starts with introductory presentation research findings on consumer attitudes […]