Marju Lauristin

Professor of social communication of Tartu University

What is the main difference between digital and human world? We have to think about AI vs human memory, knowledge, culture, ethics, education.


b 7. April 1940, PhD, professor of Tartu University, former MEP, 2014-2017 acted in European parliament as a shadow-raporteur on EU GDPR and raporteur on e-privacy regulation. Currently teaching political culture and analysis of public communication in the Institute for social Studies in University of Tartu; research area: social transformations in digital age.

My Sessions

Rebuilding the Digital Era

Main Stage

Rebuilding the digital era requires both soft and hard regulations, Konstantinos Karachalios (IEEE) and Marju Lauristin (ex MEP) argue. Standards capture best thinking via an open process. Sometimes hard regulations are needed too, even if it takes longer time to make happen. For who: legal experts and policy makers In this session Konstantinos Karachalios from […]

Main Stage