Markus Niessen

Project manager at ETH Zurich

MIDATA cooperatives empower citizens as actors in the digital society and contribute to the democratization of the personal data economy.


Markus is a biologist trained in molecular developmental genetics. His current research focus is on molecular actions of insulin and IGF in diabetes and cancer.

As project manager at ETH Zurich, in the area of citizen science, precision medicine, and personal health-related technologies, he is part of a team working to bring all of us back in control over our own personal data by building and implementing the MIDATA cooperative. MIDATA is a platform owned by citizens and designed to safely store and manage their personal data.

My Sessions

Governance alternatives


This session discusses overarching dynamics of data governance, in order to address power asymmetries through structural approaches to our data. By bringing together both conceptual and practical approaches, we will explore models and potential sources of leverage for empowerment. You hear talks from Sean McDonald, Bruno Carballa Smichowski and Markus Niessen. Trust & Trusts: The […]

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