Martin Tisné

Investment partner at Omidyar Network

I am currently an Investment Partner at Omidyar Network, the philanthrophic investment firm established by Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay, and his wife Pam. I lead the Governance & Citizen Engagement team’s Data Governance program, Europe Region and policy & advocacy team.

I have experience in open data/transparency, privacy, and AI ethics & governance including founding and co-founding two multi-stakeholder initiatives and three NGOs:

➢ Founding the Open Government Partnership together with the Obama White House and helping it grow to a 70-country strong multi-stakeholder initiative.
➢ Initiating the G8 Open Data Charter and G20 commitment to open data principles.
➢ Founding the International Open Data Charter.
➢ Co-founding Publish What You Fund, the global campaign for transparency of foreign aid
➢ Founding the Transparency and Accountability Initiative, the leading donor collaborative in the open government and open data sector.
➢ Co-founding Integrity Watch Afghanistan, Afghanistan’s leading anti-corruption NGO.

I have helped set up the AI Ethics & Governance Fund, am a member of the Partnership on AI, advised the Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency and Open Contracting Partnership.

My Sessions

Our Data Rights


Bring together three communities that are not talking to each other enough to chart a joint way forward: AI ethics, open data, privacy/surveillance. The outcome is a coming together, a silo busting, of these 3 groups around a joint data rights framework for individuals, companies and governments, which will then be translated into (1) campaigns, […]

AI Ethics