Natalia Rincón

Founder and CEO at CHAOS architects

Natalia Rincon, an influencer, is the Founder and CEO of CHAOS architects, a Helsinki-based AI data company for smart cities and the urban planning industry. She is an architect and computer science engineer, and currently working on her doctoral dissertation at Aalto University in Helsinki. She is also a Business Tampere ambassador, a deputy councillor in Tampere and an advisor for foreign talent at the Ministry of Employment and Economy of Finland. She is a frequent speaker at conferences on topics such as the future of smart cities, digitalisation of cities, governance, and artificial intelligence.

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Practical AI ethics


AI will have the biggest impact on our lives for the foreseeable future. We must harness its potential and power Ethically with personal data privacy at the heart. The Practical AI Ethics tract will tackle these challenges and opportunities! Every Artificial Intelligence has Human Knowledge in the Loop Fabio Massimo Zanzotto, University of Rome Tor […]

AI Ethics