Olivier Dion

CEO at Onecub

I founded Onecub in 2011 in order to empower people with their data. I have been an active member of the ecosystem since then (VRM, MesInfos, GDPR, etc.). Before Onecub, I was working on one of the major CRM in Europe and seeing personal data treatments about millions of people’s data, with very little to no consent on the user’s side. This got my attention and lead me to what we are doing today. At first companies did not want to hear about these topics as they considered personal data to belong to them but things are changing now. From a small experts field that did not really got the public’s attention, the privacy discussion became worldwide and it now concerns everyone, thanks to GDPR for the most part. In 2014 Onecub raised money with SNCF in order to develop a startup ecosystem in Calais and in 2017 we entered the Facebook startup program at Station F Paris. Since the very beginning of 2018, we are now answering several call for tenders about data portability with major actors in retail, travel and healthcare.

My Sessions

Handpicked Live Use Cases: MyData in Action


This session will showcase 4 use cases that demonstrate the MyData model and all of it’s parties: data holders, data services and individuals. This is not a pitching session! Selected use cases will share learnings, challenges and opportunities, success stories and failures, and you, as participants, will be able to question and explore these cases […]