Peter Wells

Head of policy at Open Data Institute


Peter Wells is Head of Policy at the Open Data Institute.

Before joining the ODI he worked in a voluntary role to organise an independent review of digital government policy for the UK Labour Party, and worked for Open Addresses Limited to experiment with creating a collaboratively maintained open address register for the UK.

Previously Peter spent 20 years working with telecoms businesses and regulators in multiple countries. He’s a big fan of Blackpool FC and he was once told he had impeccable taste in music.

My Sessions

How can we increase access to data while retaining trust?


In this session, the Open Data Institute team will share insights into their work on how to increase access to data, while retaining trust. As well as the opportunities presented by increasing access to data – such as through effective data portability initiatives – it will also explore the challenges we will collectively need to […]

Data Portability