Ren Watson

Strategic analyst at MyLife Digital

Ren has been taking a deep dive into current – and forthcoming – privacy regulations, in order to help MyLife Digital (MLD) better understand the interplay between regulation and tech from a data protection and privacy perspective. Her invaluable research has supported the development and launch of MLD’s unique Permissions product, Consentric, and will continue to help it evolve. While Ren appreciates that this sort of research is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is a topic which holds a great deal of interest for her and, as awareness of the impact of the personal data economy becomes more widespread, her research will get ever more valuable. Admittedly, there are still many issues to resolve, such as the opaque area of ‘data harvesting’ and of the need to re-establish trust between consumer and organisation in terms of how brands and organisations collect and use personal data. This is an exciting time for innovation in this fast-changing arena and, as far as MLD is concerned, it’s all about re-addressing the balance and putting the citizen firmly at the heart of business.

My Sessions

The Imaginarium of MyData Futures


What we might learn from these different possible futures, in order to create to best possible MyData world? We will tap into visions ranging from emerging technology projections to speculative fiction in our quest to explore wild, even provocative, future scenarios: paradoxical, fun, desirable, messy, failed, complicated, incoherent, and ordinary data futures. The goal is […]