Risto Tornivaara

Senior advisor for the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

Risto has worked in the financial sector since mid 1980’s having senior positions in various business areas. He has seen and experienced the most radical changes in the financial industry not only the crises but also as a pioneer in technology utilization. His international banking career started as a FX- dealer and he recently retired from CEO position of third biggest Finnish bank.

In recent years, the focus of interest and enthusiasm has been to develop customer experiences through listening to customers and utilizing technology to create new customer friendly services without forgetting the profitability of the business.

He was chosen as the Most Reliable CEO 2016 in Finland an award from the Nordic Institute of Business & Society (NIBS). Currently he is a Senior Advisor in the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. Besides of the business career he has actively worked with various business organizations like Confederation of Finnish Industries, Finance Finland, Finnish-Estonian Trade Association. He is having and has had board memberships in Finnish and International companies.

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