StJohn Deakins

CEO of CitizenMe

Founder and CEO of CitizenMe: Fighting for all digital citizens to have the right to the value of their data. CitizenMe came out of closed beta in January 2018 and already has hundreds of thousands of active Citizens across 180 countries transacting their MeData (MyData) for personal value with charities, governments, companies and health researchers. The platform has enabled over 3 million personal MeData (MyData) transactions to date – growing exponentially. CitizenMe is on track to make MeData (MyData) globally mainstream for millions of Citizens in 2019 and beyond.

My Sessions

Handpicked Live Use Cases: MyData in Action


This session will showcase 4 use cases that demonstrate the MyData model and all of it’s parties: data holders, data services and individuals. This is not a pitching session! Selected use cases will share learnings, challenges and opportunities, success stories and failures, and you, as participants, will be able to question and explore these cases […]