Walter Palmetshofer

Data economist at Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland e.V.

Walter is an economist by training and has been involved in the domain of Netzpolitik for many years.
He does policy work in the area of opendata (PSI), EITI (extractive industry transparency initiative) and OGP (open government partnership).
Former projects are Open Data Incubator (ODINE), BIG Data Public Private Partnership,the Digitaler Offenheitsindex [do:index], Open Data Census, ….
He worked as a system administrator in NYC, before moving to Berlin, where he co-founded a start-up in 2012 in the personal data space.
He is part of the openschufa.de team to bring transparency in the

My Sessions

Mechanics of fairness


This session explores issues around accountability, transparency and fairness around our data. By looking at both trends and norms in respecting rights, we will explore the questions around our data and the potentials for it, with respect to redefining how accountability functions and how algorithms are used. Algorithmic fairness meets the GDPR Jussi Leppälä, Valmet […]

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